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Microsoft Develops Space-Saving System

Microsoft's Xbox One

Microsoft plans to stay ahead of the competition by innovating new ways to improve their systems. As of today, they are silently going about a more efficient way to save games.

What if users could choose which parts of the game they want? Well, Microsoft has answered your prayers. The technology company has thought of a way to let users choose what they want to download.

This spells the dawn of faster downloading speed. This system would also mean that there would be more than enough space for your hard drives to store games.

Microsoft Hints on Intelligent Delivery

Earlier on, the platform holder has already given clues regarding its functions. They shared that Xbox One users would no longer be compelled to download X’s 4K assets.

Forza Horizon 3

Intelligent Delivery, as stated above, saves you a lot of trouble of downloading the entire game. Instead, users would be able to handpick a particular part of the match they deem relevant.

The idea is to divide the game to make it chunks of data. This, in turn, results in faster data and more disk space. These pieces of data could both be device-specific or language-specific.

The earlier announcement is an example of the device-specific chunk of data. As for language-specific chunks, Xbox One users are given the freedom to download only languages relevant to their region.

It is yet unsure whether the language-specific installs will have as much of an impact. These installs do vary from game to game, but Microsoft tells users of its importance. In some of the sports games, for example, audio assets consume a majority of the competition’s full size. They even call it a massive storage saver.

Intelligent Delivery is a useful tool for the hardcore gamers and the like. Microsoft has done a marvelous job of keeping in touch with their users’ needs.


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