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Saudi Arabia Eases Restrictions on VoIP Applications

Saudi Arabia Lifts ban on VoIP applications

Saudi Arabia is often regarded as a conservative country with strict religious practices. These practices caused the banning of VoIP Applications in the country. After more than four years of censorship, Saudi Arabia finally allows VoIP applications.

The government remained steadfast in its decision to attract business into the country by allowing apps for easier transactions. On September 13, Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawaha tweeted the lifting of the ban. Many users in Saudi supported this plan. Many of them have been very particular on VoIP censorship policies.

VoIP apps such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp will be unblocked in Saudi Arabia by next week. CITC is working together with telecommunications service providers as of the moment. They are working hand-in-hand for the benefit of everybody.

Reasons for Lifting Ban on VoIP Applications

The banning of these modern mobile applications started in June 2013. And, this was when Viber failed to meet the local regulatory requirements of the kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia Allows VoIP apps after four years to keep up with economic needs

The CITC also explained that this decision to lift the ban on certain apps comes in line with modern trends. And, they also added that this was the international trend.

This would require the kingdom to adapt to keep up economically. And, rely on the revenues of mobile data and added services.

Spokesman Adel Abu Hameed explains the primary purpose of the new regulations. He claims that these were for the protection of users’ personal information. Also, it blocks the content that violates the kingdom’s laws.

In his statement, he tells media that lifting the ban is a way of protecting the economy. This would be a big help in expanding business and broaden the economy to the small price oil plans.

Saudi Arabia is now taking a big step for the sake of their economy. Hopefully, by lifting the ban, business will be faster.

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