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Terminator 6 Release Date is on 2019

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Arnold Schwarzenegger as the iconic T-800 Terminator

Yes, another installment of the Terminator movie franchise is underway. Terminator Genesys was a disastrous chapter despite starring Emilia Clarke. Producers are not losing hope on returning Terminator to its former glory. Terminator 6 is due on July 26, 2019.

Fans are not expecting much from the upcoming Terminator movie ever since the second film. Many are already criticizing after hearing that the sixth sequel will be a reunion between Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For those who do not know why the meeting is iconic, Linda Hamilton played Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movies. Somehow, director James Cameron was able to get Hamilton to star in the sixth Terminator movie. Perhaps the first Sarah Connor could turn the tides for the Terminator series.

Terminator 6 on the Same Timeline as Terminator 1 and 2

The third movie up until the latest Terminator: Genisys have brought nothing but a disappointment to moviegoers. This is somewhat comparable to the Transformers franchise. All is right up until the third installment, but then it went old fast.

Emilia Clarke plays Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genisys

With the embarrassing effort exerted on the previous flicks, Terminator 6 wants to start fresh. They will try to upstart it by lining the timelines with the first two movies.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day was designed to end the Terminator movie franchise by killing off the iconic role of Arnold Schwarzenegger. T-800 learns how to be human at the last moments of the film. The ending was so tear-jerking that it’s hard to pull off another installment after such an epic ending.

Here we are, 26 years after 1991, attempting to break that barrier. 2019 is a long way from now, but this is now the third attempt of the producers to revive the Terminator franchise.

For now, fans are hoping for good writers to compose the main plot so they would not have to watch another god-awful installment. Hopefully, James Cameron can show the young guns what made the Terminator a real badass in the past.

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