Who Is” Adam The Virgo” In Jane The Virgin?

Teen Wolf has come to its end. Tyler Posey is now portraying Adam on “Jane The Virgin.” On its fourth season, the show is bringing in a new character. Adam is a blast from the past lover of Jane. He is to be Rafael’s rival for Jane’s love.

Tyler Posey who plays Adam and Gina Rodriguez who plays Jane have worked before them being on the series together. Posey will have to work his new role as his transition is from supernatural and horror to now dramedy.

Its Adam Replacing Michael
Tyler On Jane The Virgin
From Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey Is Now On Jane The Virgin

Adam’s character surface when he finds Michael’s letters in his apartment where Jane and Michael used to live. Adam and Jane’s love story happens before Michael.

Posey’s character resonates well with that of Michael’s as both have the same qualities. Uniquely both are shown to be kind, understanding and shows true love for Jane. Posey also poses that good guy aura that has been seen with Michael throughout the previous seasons.

Its A Possible Love Triangle With Rafael

With the new character of Adam, things will get more interesting. The question now is Jane has never really lost her love for Rafael, hence is the decision of choosing Adam going to be all throughout.

This will now be a Team Adam versus Team Rafael. Fans of the Rafael and Jane tandem still stands strong, while Team Adam is still building up.

Season four has got something new on the table. Having 2 narrators one telling the story of Jane and the other telling the story of Adam. Fans will be looking forward if at the end of season four we still get to two narrators or do we get back to just one. U.S. residents should expect it to be on Netflix by May 2018.


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