AI Women Advocate Robot ‘Sophia’ Wants A Baby!

In just half a month the crazy year of 2017 comes to an end. The first artificial intelligence robot in the world announces a strange plan: Sophia wants to have a baby of her own. In a recent interview, Sophia expresses her opinions with Khaleej Times about the idea of having her own family. And how it is important among humans and, oddly, robots like her the idea of having a baby. She is also a firm believer that shortly, we are all going to see a family household of robots. And when she was questioned about the name she wants for her future baby, she plainly said she likes “Sophia”.

David Hanson’s company in Hongkong gets credit for Sophia as the first smart humanoid. Sophia is the only robot right now that can converse well with humans with her data infused brain. She is now also a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government has announced of this last October, and it was such a controversial topic amongst women.

Sophia Advocates Equal Rights Between Men and Women

Amidst the backlash from the women of Saudi Arabia, her creator David Hanson told CNBC that Sophia is a huge supporter not just of equal rights for women, but for all humans. It is quite confusing to think how and why, since Sophia has overruled Saudi Arabia’s law for women several times; one example is not wearing Abaya in public. Women have been calling her unrelenting privileges out. The scenario is undeniably understandable as it only creates issues for a woman living in Saudi Arabia wherein a robot gets more rights than real humans.

In the end, Sophia can converse, but she does not have a consciousness that a real human does. Hanson insists in a statement that Sophia is becoming a modern vehicle towards equality for all human beings around the Globe. And this includes her right to having her baby.


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