‘Anthony’ Bourdain Stands By The Womens Side Against Sexual Misconducts

The year 2017 is not stopping with news of sexual misconducts. It has now spilled over to the restaurant industry. Power players such as Ken Friedman, Mario Batali, and John Besh are now with accussations of sexual misconduct and harassment. This year continues to be in favor of women’s rights.

Anthony Bourdain is very vocal about his substantial support for his girlfriend, Asia Argento. Bourdain uses social media in showing such support. Recently Bourdain held a dinner for Asia with her fellow Weinstein accusers Annabella Sciorra and Rose McGowan; he even tweets out a picture of the event with the following caption:

“It was an honor to cook for this meeting of the minds.”

Anthony Bourdain On Stating: I Feel Ashamed

An essay with the title ‘On Reacting to Bad News’ is written just recently by Bourdain. The piece publishes a little bit after the news of women coming forward accusing both Batali and Friedman of sexual harassment. In his writing, Bourdain tells the world that he chooses to stand with the women. Moreover, He points out much on the fact that is women are extraordinary even with awful experiences they are still able to come forward and inspire other women to do so. Much of what he has on the essay connect back as well to Asia, his girlfriend. Asia is one of the women accusers of Harvey Weinstein.

His statement on “I am ashamed “ is due to him being unable to be that type of person that one can easily confide. Bourdain resents the fact that his women friends are unable to seek help with him for such trivial matters. Currently, Mario Batali disappears after sending one last e-letter to his subscribers and fans. Dutifully he inserts a recipe of Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls. As for Ken Friedman, we are yet to hear anything from him after the news of sexual misconduct has come out.

The culinary world is not immune to victims nor is it without the likes of Harvey Weinstein. Bourdain is just one of the few vocal people in the industry that is commenting on the issue. It is not an issue that will just quickly go away, 2017 is about to end, but sexual misconducts are seemingly not planning to go away.


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