Resident Evil 7 DLC Teases Return of A Hero

Resident Evil VII was initially made available in January. But, Capcom has announced that is now ready to release Resident Evil 7 DLC this December 12. It took quite some time to match the quality of the original game according to Koshi Nakanishi. This caused the DLC to be released later than its initial launch in spring.

Resident Evil has teased its fans by releasing a short in-game footage. The 11th main entry of the Resident Evil series’ DLC  will be titled “Not A Hero.”

The famous action/thriller video game surprised gamers by introducing a first person shooter gameplay. This will be a new concept for gamers since this is the only first person shooter for the main series. Even though the story revolves around Ethan Winters, fans will be glad to know that Chris Redfield will return for Resident Evil 7’s DLC.

In the video teased by the team behind Resident Evil, Chris is seen embarking on another quest. As usual, Chris Redfield is a badass, shooting infected to keep himself alive.

Chris’ story will take on a separate road from Ethan Winters’ story which means it will follow the events of the main story. There is little to no clues as to what the plot might be. The teaser is too vague for fans to speculate but expect more horror.

End Of Zoe And Gold Edition to Release Along With Resident Evil 7 DLC, Not A Hero

Along with “Not A Hero,” another expansion and Gold Edition are also set to release on December 12. The expansion is called End Of Zoe which will unravel the mystery behind the daughter of Jack and Marguerite. The Gold Edition, on the other hand, will include Banned Footage Volumes 1 and 2 in addition to the expansion.

Resident Evil 7’s first person perspective

Catch Chris Redfield back in action on Not A Hero this coming December 12 for even more horror beyond the main story. Stay tuned for more news and updates!


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