Coach With HIV Abuses Minors In Maryland

Charles County- Every parent’s fear is having their children in a dangerous situation. Recently schools are where the most of such circumstances occur. A Maryland High School Track coach is being investigated for abusing minors.

The Abuser

Carlos Deangelo Bell is now in police custody without bond. His abuse spans from May 2015 to June 2017 with victims age ranging from 11 to 17 years old. His charges include sex offenses, child pornography, sex abuse and assault of a minor according to the indictment.

The Abuser Carlos is even HIV positive. Reports also indicate that Carlos made several attempts to infect the minors with HIV as well. This is very alarming as his intent was just not to abuse but even to spread an incurable disease. Such is a very sinister act, luckily none of his victims are positive with HIV after testing.

Over the years sex offenses against minors never cease. It is daunting that these situations happen in the confinements of the school. Much more a person of the college is the one responsible for doing such.

The indictment states 28 identified victims and 14 unidentified victims. These numbers reported are great, One can imagine the horrible abuse that these kids went through. Furthermore, reports are that there are three more victims before the charges were made.

These reports profoundly show the lack of investigation and giving importance towards the case. First of all, there is an existing case for Carlos, but still, he has three counts of abuse during the investigation. It only shows that Carlos has no respect and is with no remorse for his actions.

His abuse and sexual offenses will continue, if not for a vigilant mother of one of the victims. Apparently, the victim’s mother saw a text message from Carlos on her son’s phone. The text messages were sexual, and this sparks the more in-depth investigation on Carlos. It is without a doubt that Carlos is guilty, trial commences on January 8.


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