Dauntless Open Beta Gets Pushed to 2018

The much-awaited Co-op RPG delayed for its free-to-play community. Dauntless initially announced to go Open Beta in late 2017 but has been pushed to 2018. Phoenix Labs promises to release the game to the public early 2018. However, they have failed to give a fixed date.

As of now, the only way to access the game is through paying for a Closed Beta access. This is via their Founder’s Packs or through Beta Key giveaways which are less frequent. These Founder’s Packs range from $39.99 to $79.99. These give additional perks in-game depending on which payment tier you buy.

Pushing the release date could affect the game drastically. This is because Dauntless is not the only behemoth fighting MMO to release next year. Its ascendant title Monster Hunter has recently revealed the release date of their game. Monster Hunter: World will be released on consoles in late January of 2018. Since no reports of its PC release are circulating, it could run parallel to the open-beta version of Dauntless.

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Dauntless is a behemoth fighting game

Dauntless in Danger of Clashing With Monster Hunter?

Nick Clifford, the Marketing Manager of Dauntless, stated that the game could still thrive against its more famous competitor because he says that the Monster Hunter franchise is a single-player title, whereas Dauntless focuses more on online play. This, however, isn’t the case with Monster Hunter: Worlds because it is technically the first of the five primary titles to allow players worldwide to play together online.

With both games having the same target audience and now almost the same release dates, it all boils down to player preference. Maybe some would rather buy into the more popular title Monster Hunter: Worlds, while some would go for its free-to-play counterpart Dauntless. Hopefully, these parallel releases won’t have the same issues that other genres (e.g., PUBG and Fortnite with the Battle Royale genre) have with their similarities.

Phoenix Labs assures its future players that the development of Dauntless is going smoothly by releasing their Roadmap via Trello. This is for users to see what’s being developed and fixed while waiting for the Open Beta.


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