David Beckham Sports a Throwback Hairstyle

When it comes to stylish dads, you can bet that David Beckham is on every list. Everything seems to be in trend for the celebrity ex-athlete. Most importantly, he is never out of style when it comes to grooming his hair. Beckham has been sporting a clean quiff for a long time and looks excellent in doing so.

However, on September 11, David Beckham was spotted with the on JFK airport after visiting his son Brooklyn, who is now at a college in New York. What is surprising though, is that Becks was spotted sporting golden locks. It came as a big surprise to see him suddenly change. Don’t get me wrong; the 42-year-old celebrity still rocks the trending hairstyle.

david beckham
David Beckham’s old hairstyle

Perhaps the football star has simply grown tired of the old ‘do and decided to ditch it. It is either that, or he was trying to pay tribute to his old hairstyle back he was still playing in the football league.

David Beckham Goes Back in Time

While a lot of people may call it a new change, this was more of a throwback. Back when he was in his prime, David Beckham already did the same look. You could call it a retro and a throwback to his glorious career.

The retired football player was seen with mid-length locks when he was still playing for Manchester United. Also, he represented England on the world stage in the same year. We might have missed how he transitioned back to his throwback look mostly because he covers up with a cap.

Becks is popular for his trendy hairstyles and choice of clothing. He elso experimented on doing Buzzcuts, Mohawks, Ponytails, and man-buns. It seemed like he could look good on almost every hairstyle he applies.