Dress Like a Pro: New York Fashion trends

Take a sneak peek, of how The New York fashion week will influence your wardrobes for spring 2018. Like Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein and Alexander Wang will provide early highlights.

Ten styling lesson from the New York fashion week was given. And, these are the following; Easy skirts, Porcelain Floral, Fringed edges, Pastel palettes, Power Blazers, Smart denim, EckhausLatta, Athleisure, Pajama dressing, and Nineties or Seventies.

So how does New York Fashion work?

For Easy skirts, an understandable detail in a dress makes an emphasis on its simplicity. In one of Victoria Beckham interviews, she said that “It’s not about creating show pieces that are not wearable. That’s not how; I believe women want to dress”.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham in an interview

She believes that women want to wear which involves wide leg trousers, checked skirts and – the piece de peaceful resistance, pleated mid-calf skirts.

Not only that, pastel palettes are a breakout trend. As the founder SiesMarjan, did an interview and said that Sander Lak doesn’t seek inspiration- he finds color. He also tells media during the interview that,

“It’s gut instinct. We make a color chart, and from there we pick fabrics that go with it. Once we’ve got all the colors and fabrics ready, we’ve got the ingredients of our meal.”

So, there is a significant possibility that Marjan and his fellow designers have been eating the same gelateria, as the variations of pastel come up with – pistachio at Sandy Liang; Lemon at Cushnieet Ochs, cornflower blue at Carolina Herrera and lilac at Victoria Baekham and Tibi.

EckhausLatta, a new brand that is also making a name in the industry. For, it was dubbed as one of the most exciting brands on New York for its unique approach – a dress for pregnant women. Well indeed, fashion plays a big role in the society.