Emmy Awards is Coming, Roll the Red Carpet, Dresses and Celebrities Come to Play

Yes, it’s that season again. Red carpets are being applied to the floor for the guest to walk in. Celebrities being a doll, with their fancy clothes, expensive jewelry, and designer naming. Reporters are questioning the star’s relationship status. Getting the juiciest topics and current issues straight from the people themselves. As for the main highlight of this event, our favorite shows are battling head to head for that shiny golden statue.

What’s an Emmy? If you are not familiar with the award, it’s okay.

To explain, Emmy award, done annually, celebrates television shows showing excellence in the American television industry. Please be aware that it is focusing on current American television shows. Its counterparts include the Oscar Awards, for the film industry, Tony Awards, for theater, and finally Grammy Awards, for music.

Who’s the new host?

Stephen Colbert of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” will host this year’s Emmy Awards, of which is his first time. Jimmy Kimmel, the host of his self-titled show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” hosted the award show last year. He was comedic as expected, but, unfortunately, he felt the burn last year for not getting an award. Also, his nemesis, Matt Damon, rubs it onto his face. Everybody’s getting curious if Stephen will host better than Jimmy even after all that.

Emmy’s drama category was given the biggest ballot this year. There were 180 submissions for the category. Also, the number of best actress for drama category came in second with 113 submissions. The Emmy Award will air live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on September 17, 2017, at 5 pm (PT) on CBS. If you are a fan, there’s still plenty of time to prepare on for the show, especially, if you want to see them in person.

Questions are spurring as the hype for the Emmy’s crashing in. Which show do you think will get an award this year and in what category? Which show will get lots of awards this year?  For the meantime, just wait and see.


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