Fashion Firms Eyes Internet Trends

The internet has a lot of uses in today’s modern world. It can get word from one end to the other in just a matter of minutes. Fashion firms aim to pounce in on this golden opportunity. This is to make sure they are up to date.

The internet is home to many users of social media. They make it a habit of checking in on their Facebook, Twitter and many more social media app once in a while. This makes social media a good medium to check the latest trends and associate it with fashion.

Fashion Firms on Social Media

Fashion trends are influenced by celebrities and what the general public sees online. This is a vital piece of information that fashion brands look to exploit to boost sales.

Integrating catwalk and social media

In a statement released by Sheena Sauvaire to BBC, she emphasizes the role social media plays. Topshop’s global marketing director explains that while catwalk still influences High Street retail design, it is without a doubt that social media is now playing a significant role as well.

She tells BBC that fashion trends could also start with street style. This, in turn, has an enormous potential for inspirations. Sauvaire adds that girls want to see girls who they see themselves in. They can relate to them “fashionwise” because of the inclusivity social brings to the table.

With social media backing them up, disruptive fashion firms are now able to compete with High Street retailers. Pink Boutique admits that they too are getting their inspiration from social media. Pink Boutique’s chief commercial officer, Dan Arden, shares that they were able to get inspiration for a t-shirt print from a trend in social media.

Social media has become a major factor for the fashion industry. It aims to pass fashion ideas from the commoners to the fashion firms.


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