Frankie Muniz – Life After Malcolm In The Middle

Six years and seven seasons sum up Frankie Muniz playing Malcolm in the US sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Before appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Muniz recently mentions of having nine concussions and mini-strokes. This is the reason as to why he can’t remember being on Malcolm in the Middle.

Real name Francisco Muniz IV, is now 31 years old. In 2003 he was one of the most bankable teens. He decides to quit acting after Malcolm in the Middle to switch to open car racing.

Frankie Muniz And Malcolm In The Middle

Frankie As Malcolm
Frankie Muniz Way Back In Malcolm In The Middle

Muniz starts his career at the age of eight, Since then he appears in commercials and small roles in tv and movies. When Fox premiers Malcolm In The Middle in 2009, Muniz is amongst the cast. The sitcom initially was only a mid-season replacement, but as it turns out, it becomes a hit. It catapults the cast to instant success and fandom.

While portraying Malcolm on the series, he appears in cameo roles in some well-known films. The most famous movie with him as the main character is Agent Cody Banks with the franchise getting a sequel as well. After Malcolm in the middle, he decides to focus more on his racing career.

Memory Loss And Dancing With The Stars

After the recent interview and admitting to not remembering anything about his Malcolm In The Middle days. Amidst experiencing mini- strokes and memory loss due to his accident in 2009. Muniz still shows that life is always beautiful.

It is a sad thought for his co-stars in the series for Muniz not remembering anything amidst all Muniz is still commenting as “having the time of his life.” He is seen happy with the girlfriend – Paige Price and is extremely excited being back in Hollywood.


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