Gigi Hadid Shows Professionalism in Fashion Event

Gigi Hadid proved why she is a professional model during the Anna Sui Spring 2018. During the said fashion event, Gigi lost a stiletto while strutting on the catwalk.

Apparently, a loose shoe strap causes a heel to disappear. The gorgeous model might’ve noticed right away and reacted correctly.

gigi hadid
Gigi Hadid with one heel missing

She was to think on her feet. The young model managed the wardrobe malfunction pretty well and pulled off the hard task by simply going forward.

She did not mind the missing footwear and kept walking in a composed manner. It was admirable of Gigi not to let anyone notice the awkward situation she was in.

She knew the media would make a big thing about the job but instead she makes them adore her even more with her professionality.

Gigi Carries Herself to Finish the Catwalk

Gigi slews her catwalk despite only wearing a metallic maxi dress with a fringed shawl and only one heel. She carries herself to the finish line by tiptoeing to make sure that nobody notices.

She might really have gotten away with it if it were not for the videos and pictures. The little mistake was almost unnoticeable because of the way she kept going.

At the Anna Sui Spring 2018’s finale, Gigi was supported by her sister Bella Hadid. This time around, everyone is aware of the situation. Still, kudos to Gigi for being able to go on.

Aside from the incident regarding Gigi Hadid’s missing shoe, the rest of the show went flawless. Anna Sui Spring 2018 showcased fringed capes, a plethora of florals, a mix of colors and prints.

Before the unfortunate occurrence, Gigi opened the fashion show alongside a fellow male model. Both models were wearing ensembles with a hippie-chic print. Her sister, Bella, followed her. She wore a star-print onesie with a semi-sheer sarong in a whimsical pattern.


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