Haley announces $9 million in humanitarian aid in his visit to Venezuela

According to recent reports, Nikki Haley who is the current US ambassador in the united nations is currently visiting Venezuela for humanitarian settlement which recently occurred in the country. Reports show that early this week the USA announced releasing $9 million to Venezuela due to humanitarian aid. However according to the president of Venezuela, this he termed it as an attempt to his life.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador made this possible after his visit in Colombia. During his visit to Colombia, he noted that most people between the Venezuela and Colombia boarder come from Venezuela into Colombia in search of water, food and settlement. Due to this problem, the US ambassador in hand with the US government announced the release of the $9 million to Venezuela in aid of this major problems.

This amount announced by Nikki Haley would assist in eliminating the epidemic which faced Venezuela for month which led to them fleeing from their country to for months into Colombia. According to Nikki, this amount will assist in balancing the flux pouring within Colombia boarders. According to USAID, USA has given out nearly $48 million into this project to cater for the influx and affected areas with such crisis. Consequently, this money was to aid humanitarian in affected areas with similar epidemic and more so area faced with challenges, natural calamities and crisis.

According to associate press in Venezuela, over 800 000 Venezuela individuals have migrated to Colombia and a smaller percentage of native Colombians living in Venezuela have also migrated to Colombia due to this challenges. Nevertheless, Nikki Haley tried all he can to inaugurate Venezuela’s president to accept the offer which the US was proposing to them.

This was crucial since Venezuela’s president has been attempted assassination during his speech in Venezuela’s capital early last week. According to Venezuela president he said in a statement that the opposition leaders are allegedly the mastermind behind this assassination attempt on him. This was the reason as to why he was reluctant to the US proposal of the $9 million which was to be used in fighting with the problem facing the people in Venezuela. Nevertheless, the president agreed on the proposal and as we speak the amount is been used in reforming and providing essential needs of the people in Venezuela.