Jeffree Star- Its All About Family For The New Collection

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is to launch its newest collection that they’ve been brewing for months. Family members are the inspiration for their upcoming collection. Those family members include their Pomeranians.

This October 21 at 1 pm EST Jeffree Star Cosmetics will release new shades, new flavors, and new colors.Jeffree Star is releasing Velour Liquid Lipsticks, Skin Frosts, and Velour Lip Scrub.

The Pomeranians and The Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Pomeranians As Inspiration
Jeffree Star Creates The Shades With His Pomeranians As Inspirations

Jeffree and “hubby” Nathan discuss the new shades on YouTube. After all as expected the colors would be not your typical shades. We have the Pomeranians as inspirations for each tone they are releasing.The Velour Liquid Lipsticks uniquely comes in a Barbie-inspired pink house.Just in case you’re looking out for only one shade or two on the collection, It is also sold separately if one doesn’t want the whole set.

Nathan Decides New Shade For Skin Frost

Nathan takes the lead on choosing the new shade for their skin frost. Previous tones for the skin frost line was with color unlike the upcoming shade this is more on the lighter side.

Yummy Velour Lip Scrub

Firstly their new flavors for the Velour Lip Scrub is a choice from both Jefree and Nathan. Also, Their Lip Scrub is guaranteed to be safe, toxin-free, and edible as well. You will get two flavors Pancakes n Syrup and Peach Popsicle.

Their collaboration is something that Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt are proud of. The star family including dogs Diva, Diamond, Delicious, and Daddy is also part of the collaboration


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