Lady Gaga vs. Fibromyalgia, Her Break From Silence Upon Dealing With Her Sickness

Lady Gaga is sick!… though not the awesome kind.

Lady Gaga tweeted, just this 11:49 am (UTC) on September 12, 2017, about her documentary upon dealing with her illness, Fibromyalgia. For the first time, people had heard her saying that she had ever been carrying a particular disease.

Lady Gaga’s eccentric personality couldn’t ever make people guessing that she’s sick. Yep, a truth bomb has been dropped. Lady Gaga will be open about her struggle with Fibromyalgia at her age of 31. She also wants to spread awareness on it and reaches out to those who suffer from it. A Netflix Original documentary entitled Gaga: Five Foot Two will stream this 22nd of September. She asked if she looks pathetic as tears rolled down her face and felt embarrassed about it. Fans love and support were her remedies“.

Unfamiliar with Fibromyalgia?

As stated by Nancy Carteron, MD, FACR, Fibromyalgia causes bodily pain and mental distress to whoever is suffering from it. Symptoms include severe pain and tiredness making one physically unfit doing some everyday heavy lifting tasks.

Who is keeping her busy, happy and in check?

The “Bad Romance” singer has a blossoming love life after the heartbreaking split with former fiance Taylor Kinney. Her new boyfriend, Christian Carino, literally keeps her in check for he is Lady Gaga’s CAA agent. She merrily said, “When I went backstage, Christian was by the stairs making sure I was okay… The best part about being in love with someone has them there to catch you if you fall”. Aww, so sweet!


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