Lombok earthquake: British students survive the Lombok earthquake

According to recent reports, two British students survived the Lombok earthquake as they were trekking on the active island of Lombok. The two British students were biochemistry and medical graduates both at the age of 21. From the reports by the scientific institution in Indonesia, the tremor ranged between 6.0 to 6.4 on a scale of 10. This was an indication of a high magnitude of a volcanic eruption on Mount Rinjani.

The tremor struck the area on Sunday whereby 16 people died on the spot on the island. From the reports, the tour guides detected the initial factors and immediately told the two students to run within the volcanic shelters. According to the tour guides, the two were on the summit before this tremor occurred. As they rushed to the bolder rock, the rocks started flowing past them.

However, this was not as save spot according to the tour guide so the two students had to track their way down to saver spot. On the other hand, miss Coulson and Miss Stevens from St George which is near Co Durham and respectively. Both were also stuck in the mountain ridges following the heavy blow which occurred on their location on the mountain.

According to the rescue team which was involved in saving lives within the mountain said that the movement was difficult due to the damaged bridges, roads and deposits of stones within the accessible areas. Nevertheless, the rescue team managed to scope the two woman on Monday after tireless night and day within the weekend in making accessible areas for the rescue of these women.

Early on Monday, the two were rescued from the tremor and taken for medical checkup due to the fumes released during the natural occurrences. However, some other tourists an estimate of 100 were trapped all night on the mountain.

According to Miss Coulson said in an interview that the tremor seemed real. They saw like the eruption was about to being until the call they received informing them that it was just a strong earthquake which was a side coming off the eruption within the mountain. According to them, they were so terrified after the aftershocks terrified them.