Looks Like The SNES Classic Mini Won’t Face Stock Shortage Upon Release

The SNES Classic Mini scheduled release date is fast approaching. And, fans of the retrospective console can’t contain their excitement. So far, reported stocks in transit of the console is looking pretty good.

Upon the confirmation of the release of SNES Classic Mini, questions over stock shortage were inevitable. Of course, who can’t forget the draining and tormenting hunting for the NES Classic Mini last year?

Reports over the consoles stocks before release date signs a big relief to the Nintendo fan base. Gaming tipster, Wario64 posted on Twitter screenshots of incoming assets for the SNES Classic Mini on Best Buy stores.

In his post, Best Buy locations from NY to CA seems to have a good handful of stocks upon release. Some store even had a total of 400 units in transit. Though, it is unclear whether the reported stocks exclude pre-orders.

Positive Feedbacks Over Stock Details

From the past few days, stock details for the SNES Classic Mini are coming in. The community was able to witness a lot of units from Target and other stores.

Apparently, this had fans rejoiced over the news. Comments like “I might score one,” flood the internet by storm.

In relevance to Nintendo’s pursue to satisfy the demands of the SNES Classic Mini, Reggie Fils-Aime assured fans about stock availability. The shortages experienced with NES Classic is the last thing the company will do.

Fils-Aime urges potential buyers not to course purchase through third-party retailers who are selling the console more than the $79.99 price. He said that the console would be widely available for everybody to enjoy.

The SNES Classic Mini will surely be a hit. It can be a collectibles or a piece of tangible childhood memories. Nonetheless, the Nintendo Ecosystem expects not only great things from this retrospective console. But also, the delivery of demands for this prized possession.

Stay tuned for more updates about SNES Classic Mini. Journalist Book will look closely on the anticipation and release of the console.


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