Lorde’s Concert Cancels Due To Political and Cultural Protests

The 21-year-old pop singer Lorde decides to pull out the plug from her Tel Aviv concert as a response to the ongoing cultural and political boycott in Israel. Rather than pushing boundaries in the name of music and passion, Lorde announces her tour dates coming to a stop. The concert is set for June of next year
as a part of her Melodrama album tour. Fans lost their excitement after the recent decision from Lorde’s team of canceling out the concert.

The Online World Calls For A Boycott Against Israelis Mistreatment

Amidst the ongoing political situation in Israel that is continuously causing maltreatment towards Palestinians. Two young folks write an open letter to the singer and songwriter which have gone viral online. The notes come from Jewish-New Zealander Nadia Abu Shahab and Palestinian-New Zealander Justine Sachs. It explains to Lorde how her tour cancellation can become an efficient way to call out Israel’s inhuman actions and oppressive policies to the people of Palestine. And if Lorde will continue, it might show a wrong message. As a response, Lorde tweets right away with the word, “Noted. The singer is in discussion with many people about this and is considering all options. Thank u for educating me I am learning all the time too.”

Her announcement of cancellation quickly gets a response from
the Israel Minister Regev is telling Lorde she is a “pure heroin; free from any foreign and ridiculous political considerations” and asks her to reconsider her decision.

Before Lorde, other artists have also gone and cancel shows as well. In the recent years since the political war had started, music concerts are not just for entertainment anymore. It also now becomes a place for supporting political views and other agendas. Since 2010, singers like Elvis Costello, the Backstreet Boys, Neil Young, and Lana Del Ray have done and backed out from their concerts that were originally set for Israel.


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