Meghan Markle- First American To Be With Title Of Her Royal Highness

Meghan Markle famous for her role in the  U.S. TV drama series Suits is now officially engaged. Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship was very much low-key at the beginning. Altogether, many spectators of their relationship have been banking that they would end up in an engagement.

Harry and Meghan’s families are all in the loop of their engagement.The prince even went out to seek approval from both of Meghan’s parents. On the other hand, the Queen has also met with Meghan before the engagement. Both sides seem to be in favor of the decision of the couple.

From LA Girl To British Royalty

Looking at the future Princess to be, you immediately get that vibe of pure confidence that is very much different from the other lady royalties. Coming from a mix heritage, Meghan had a hard time during the early stages of her career. Thanks to suits she got her first big break.

Meghan is her middle name; her actual full name is Rachel Meghan Markle. Before Suits, she has worked as a calligrapher doing works for weddings and other events. She also got in as one of those famous briefcase models for the US version of Deal or no Deal.

Her being the first American to become one of the British Royalty signals for more prominent roles. Commencing with the engagement is her getting under a microscope. Wherein how she waves, what she wears, and what she does would be scrutinized.

The Well Wishers And The Not So Well Wishers

News of the Engagement is met with both happy greetings and some scrutinizing. Aside from the family giving their good wishes. We have Barack Obama and Wife Michelle congratulating the couple, Barack has recently formed a friendship with Harry.

Backlashes wherein magazines comments on Meghan being a divorcee or not coming from royalty are met with defense in favor of Meghan. One person taking her side is famous author J.K. Rowling. Amidst this negativity the Couple is not minding as they’re more busy with planning their wedding.

Backlashes are from magazines commenting on Meghan’s past. Details of her like being a divorcee or not coming from royalty
are in articles. J.K. Rowling now defends the future princess from such negative publications. Amidst all this, the couple is too happy to care.


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