Natasha Bedingfields’ Gender Reveal Is The Best One Yet

All over the world couple or mothers to be out there engage in preparing for that gender reveal party. These parents to be either for the first time or maybe the nth time finds more and more interesting ways to share their joy. We’ve seen almost hundreds of ideas and ways they do their gender reveal.

Now for Celebrities, they take on social media most especially Instagram. Lately, these celebrities are getting more and more creative with their Instagram posts.

So stars like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad have all used Instagram to do their gender reveals. Each and every star takes their creativity and artistic ways in showing it on Instagram. Latest mom to be Natasha Bedingfield has even made it more creative with her gender reveal.

Natasha Tops All Gender Reveals With Hers Currently

Artist Natasha Bedingfield is pregnant with her first child with husband Matt Robinson.  The couple is in their eight years of their marriage. Matt is a businessman who clearly is very supportive of her wife’s pregnancy.

Natasha creatively makes the gender reveal of their baby in a very special way. In addition to posting to Instagram like other Hollywood celebrities. Additionally, she is the first one to make a gender reveal through her music video.

Her brand new video is very fitting and timely as she launches the music video ” Hey Boy”!. The couple is ecstatic and excited for the new addition to their family. Just like every new mom to be, Natasha documents all of her pregnancy and shares it on Instagram.

The arrival of their baby is now making the couple look for a new home to raise their child. Her mansion in the Los Feliz area in Los Angeles is up for sale with a price tag of $4.75 million dollars.


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