Paladins Introduces Talus of Ska’drin

Paladin has brought an update yet again to the steam community. This time Open Beta 59 brings us another champion in the form of Talus of Ska’drin. With the addition of Talus, the pool has expanded to a total of 30 a significants.

Talus is a flank hero with the ability to get in close with an enemy in a flash. Literally, in a flash. He is an agile fellow who can deal a large amount of damage in a short range. His skillset is fun to play with. Unlike his smug fellow champions, Talus is a bouncy little boy who enjoys the battle.

What Do We Expect From Talus of Ska’drin?

His primary skill, Veracharger, is somewhat like a machine pistol with the mechanisms of a shotgun. It can rapid-fire and deal massive damage to enemies in close range.

talus of ska'drin
Talus as seen on Paladins’ teaser.

His other fire, Blitz Upper, is a knockback melee weapon which could also deal damage. This may be useful to create space to flee from enemy fire.

His third skill, Overcharge, hastens his attacks. It allows his weapons to increase fire rate by 33% for 4s. This is sure to deal maximum damage at close range for faster kills.

The fun part of being a flank champion, aside from damage, is their ability to retreat. With a skill such as Rune of Travel, Talus can jump into battle and retreat whenever he wishes to by setting a rune on an individual location. Not only will he transport back to safety, but all effects are cleansed once he teleports back.

Finally, his final skill is True Power. By activating this ability, Talus can travel between two locations unhindered. This makes flanking any enemy much easier and keeps them from running away.

Along with Talus of Ska’drin, the update also includes general changes to the game and a few bug fixes.


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