The Problem With ‘Lena Dunham’

It’s game over for actress, feminist, and producer Lena Dunham.
After severe criticisms with the recent incident of defending his friend Murray Miller due to a rape allegation.This is where Lena Dunham comes in as well as Jenni Konner. Both are in defense of Murray, Lena shamelessly calls out the rape report as a sham.

Lot’s of people in social media was outraged and left with a feeling of disgust. Here we are again with another Hollywood mogul with accusations of sexual assault. The worst part is another celebrity is in defense of such action.

Lena Dunham Apologizes Via Twitter

The executive producer – Lena Dunham stands firm by recently posting a lengthy statement. An excerpt from her twitter states.

“While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story, […] We stand by Murray, and this is all we will be saying about this issue.”,

After which on a much recent post comes a statement of apology. She now casts herself as a pariah in the industry due to her own doing. Her effort of expressing sincere regret and stating that she was wrong are falling on deaf ears. Well, this is understandable after her, calling out Aurora on false accusations of rape. On the other hand, it has been recently found out in her memoir that her rape story is merely a fabrication. It now makes it hard for most people to accept anything that she says.

Writer Quits Writing For Lenny Letter

Dunham’s immediate apologies for the backlash is not working as she now gets a label of being a hypocrite. One of her writers recently quit writing for Lenny letter. Writer Zinzi Clemons expresses her utmost disgust and silent anger in a lengthy statement via Facebook. She then calls out that Lena’s well-known racism back in college just merely never went away. Dunham stays mum on the post by Zinzi Clemon as well as her leaving. Dunham is yet to go public and speak of her next moves.



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