Razer Gaming Smartphone to Release by End of 2017

Recently, there have been rumors spreading throughout the media about a Razer gaming smartphone. Reports state that Razer is developing a mobile device that was made specifically for hardcore gamers.

The rumors surfaced when Razer acquired smartphone-maker Nexbit last January. It was also reported last July when Razer disclosed its aim to make an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in Hong Kong this coming October. Last August, Razer terminated its technical support to Nextbit’s smartphone Robin. This indicated that Razer was about to push through with its own branded phone.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO, and co-founder of Razer has recently confirmed the rumors. In an interview with CNBC, he announces that the research and development for the gaming smartphone are already in progress. Tan is hoping that the smartphone would be released in the markets by the end of the year.

Min-Liang Tan briefly describes the smartphone

Also, during the interview with CNBC, Tan reveals how they came up with the idea. He tells CNBC that they have been observing the mobile market for quite a while. According to Tan, most of their gamers are passionate about the mobile gaming market. This, in turn, leads to their decision of diving into the smartphone industry.

Razer Gaming Smartphone is Sure to Satisfy Gamer’s Needs

Given Razer’s reputation as one of the top-tier companies for PC and Laptop Gaming, mobile users should not expect less from their capabilities to develop a gaming smartphone. The confirmation may excite fans and consumers of the gaming company, but Razer has not disclosed anything else about the gaming smartphone regarding its development.

Nothing has been revealed about the smartphone’s functions. What is known is that is can be expected to be of great use to hardcore gamers. This leaves the question of how the smartphone would compare to its major competitors who have been in the smartphone industry for years.


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