Rescue ops on for missing, nearly a hundred killed in Bali quake

Indonesian authorities said they have resumed rescue operations for those missing, following the 6.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Bali and Lombok on Sunday.

One was initially reported killed. But the death toll continued to climb – with over 91 as of this writing. This may still increase as many more remain missing.

On the other hand, about 209 were reported injured from the earthquake.

The 6.9-magnitude earthquake is the second of the strong earthquakes that hit the archipelago over the last few weeks. Last week, an earthquake struck, killing at least 17 people. Indonesia is also among the countries that sit on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is frequently being hit by earthquakes.

Rescuers have reportedly swept the areas near the earthquake’s epicenter “but were hampered in the dark.” According to reports, rescuers have yet to reach some of the most affected people, which may result to further increase in the death toll.

A report read that the “earthquake’s epicentre was on land 11 miles (18km) northwest of East Lombok, and struck at 6.46pm local time on Sunday at a depth of 6 miles (10.5 kilometres). The major earthquake was felt 93 miles (150 kilometres) away in Denpasar, Bali.”

“I’m either still trembling or these little quakes won’t stop I’m trying to be normal here,” tweeted supermodel and mom of two Chrissy Teigen who was on vacation with her children and husband and singer John Legend in Bali at the time of the earthquake.

“Bali. Trembling. So long,” Teigan tweeted.

An Australian government official, who was in Lombok, described the earthquake as “powerful enough to put us on the floor,” adding that, ““We were up on the 12th floor, the lights went out and were able to evacuate. I think we were pretty lucky in the end.”

Indonesia’s Disaster Management Agency Information and Public Relations Centre said in a report that they are in urgent need of the following: ready-to-eat food, mineral water, clean water, tents, tarpaulins, mats, blankets, food additives, trauma healing services, public kitchens, medicines, and health services.