‘Riri ‘ And The Vatican Collaborating For Fashion

Riri or Rihanna’s name comes up in a new fashion collaboration. It is not every day that we get a fashion collection with ties to Catholicism. The showcase of the collection will feature at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s and Costume Institute in New York City.

Fashion And Religion Collides

The collection gets it theme from the religion of Catholicism. All in all, This is a first as we have yet to see a fashion line inspired by the Catholic’s wardrobe. Furthermore, the line explores the fine line between fashion and Catholicism.

The inspiration will come from over 50 papal garments plus different kinds of ecclesiastical pieces of jewelry. Jewelries such as tiaras and rings coming from the Sistine Chapel of Sacristy in Vatican. The exhibition venues will be great. Venues are gonna be the following Anna Wintour Costume Center, the Cloisters, and the medieval galleries in the Costume Institute.

The show will also exhibit 150 designer clothes that get the inspiration from  Catholic religion or its style. We will see designs coming from the best designers in the fashion industry. Just to name a few we have; Balenciaga, Raf Simons, Azzedine Alaia, and Ricardo Tisci. One showstopper will be gowns from Chanel which get inspiration from a communion dress. Lastly, Valentino will show off their couture gowns with influence from Francisco di Zurbaran’s religious paintings.

Rihanna is not a vocal advocate of anything that associates with religion. Uniquely though she will be one of the hosts for the upcoming Met Gala. Met Gala will play as a venue for the religion inpired collection.

Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton is one of the creative minds in the upcoming 2018 Met shows. He was into the idea of throwing a show that will show the line between religion and fashion.

This is a gamble as we all know religion is always a sore topic and needs to be gentle when associating anything. Putting Catholicism and fashion together is a gamble. To avoid controversy Andrew has done consulting with different Catholic groups before making the concept happen. Met ball will be glamorous as ever, the upcoming one will be something of a twist.



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