‘SpaceX Rocket’ Lights Up the Californian Sky

Just two nights before Christmas Eve, a mysterious object lights up the horizons of California. A lot of people got to thinking that it is a visitor from another planet. Unfortunately, it was not, and we are still alone in this universe. The truth is that UFO is actually the SpaceX Rocket’s Falcon 9 carrying ten satellites to be of use in data communication. From the Air Force Base of Vandenberg in Santa Barbara California, SpaceX Rocket launches into its final task before the year ends.

Due to its almost sci-fi appearance, Californians took quite a scare that 911 had an influx of calls regarding the mysterious flying object. Because of such, the Los Angeles Fire Department creates a post via advisory online to verify the issue. Early speculations got confirmation from several space fanatics that it was only the SpaceX Rocket on its way to exit planet Earth.

SpaceX Rocket Falcon 9 Is Not the First

SpaceX or Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is an aerospace manufacturer and space transport company. The headquarters is in Hawthorne, California. Founded by Elon Musk in 2002, company vision is to spend less money for transportation of essential materials to Mars, and if feasible, they plan on colonizing the planet. Last Friday’s launch was not the first, but one of the dozens of launches that took place this 2017. One hour after the controversial Falcon 9 launch, Elon Musk releases photos of the original Tesla Roadster. And this will go along for the next test flight of a new rocket.

Spicing things up the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweets the following; “Nuclear Alien UFO from North Korea.” the final mission for this year comes with a mysterious and dramatic air. It successfully catches all the attention of folks in Southern California and the online world. Moreover, the rocket launch was not just seen by Californians. But also Tijuana in Mexico and Tucson in Arizona were able to view it as well.


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