Spurs Fans Saddened as Tony Parker Leaves For Hornets

Many Spurs fans have stormed Twitter both to express their sadness and extend their well-wishes to Tony Parker’s recent decision, agreeing to a $10-million two-year deal with Charlotte Hornets.

“The world is ending. Thanks Tony Parker,” one tweet read.

Parker reportedly had a very emotional goodbye with the team.

“It’s difficult to put into words how important Tony Parker has been to the Spurs franchise over the past two decades. From his first game in 2001 at age 19, TP has impressed and inspired us – day-after-day, game-after-game, season-after-season – with his passion and desire,” said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich in a statement.

Popovich added that they are grateful to Parker’s 17 years of “truly amazing memories,” saying that the “biggest joy for me has been to have the pleasure of watching TP grow up before our eyes. All of us in the Spurs organization will miss having Tony in our program and wish him and his family the best as he continues his remarkable career in Charlotte.”

Bleacher Report noted that Parker will now be wearing a “different color” for the first time in his NBA career, referring to the Hornet’s Blue color, compared to the Spurs’ black and silver.

“Tough decision. Tough three days. Tough communicating it all to Pop. But I had to move on. It was a very emotional conversation with Pop. I will always love San Antonio. I will always be a Spur,” said Parker.

Feud with Kawhi?

Meanwhile, Parker has disputed recent reports that there is a feud brewing between him and fellow Spurs star Kawhi Leonard.

In an interview with ESPN, Parker said the media just blew his recent remark out of proportion when he was asked if his injury, which is the same with Leonard, is worse than the latter’s.

“I have no problem with Kawhi Leonard. We never had an argument. When the journalist asked me if my injury was worse than Kawhi’s, I said yes because it was true. But that didn’t lessen the significance of his injury,” Parker told ESPN.

He added that it is “very sad that the media took one quote and made it sound like I didn’t want to play with him. He was the face of the franchise.”