TIME Magazine’s “The Silence Breakers” Includes ‘Taylor Swift’

The annual recognition of TIME Magazine’s Person Of The Year is near, and the names are out. And it seems like it is not just a ‘person’ but ‘persons’ for this year. Amidst the surge of women and men who came forward to speak out about their sexual assault experience. TIME magazine dedicates the prestigious recognition to women who bravely came forward with their stories; “The Silence Breakers.”

The magazine cover is graced by four diverse, brave, and beautiful women and they are Ashley Judd, strawberry picker Isabel Pascual, corporate lobbyist Adama Iwu, 26-year-old Susan Fowler and a surprise addition on the list is the favorite pop singer Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift, #MeToo

Four months past, Taylor is media’s favorite story when the former radio host David Mueller accuses her of lying about her story of sexual assault. According to Taylor, Mueller gropes her after an interview with him way back in 2013. She then promptly reports the incident to authorities, and after the company’s investigation into the mater, the former radio host was then fired immediately. But four months ago the DJ showed up and sues her for lying. Taylor defends herself with a counter lawsuit. Unfortunately, for Mueller, he lost the case, and the court orders are to give the pop singer a symbolic 1$ for damages.

Taylor Swift As A Silence Breaker

It’s been a long time of silence following the controversial spat with Kanye and Kim West. The original country singer turned pop singer Taylor Swift breaks her silence and comes out recently with her new brand of image and album named Reputation. And now, she is part of TIME’s Person Of The Year.

Folks on the internet immediately give their two cents about Taylor Swift’s inclusion on the award. Some say that there are far better deserving women who should have the spot instead of her. Other people mainly fans are in delight in seeing her on the cover and defends that her story matters too. To sum it up, TIME explains that though the #Metoo movement is part of the idea, it is not all about it.


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