Valve Removes 173 Fake Games from Steam

There is no doubt that Steam is the go-to platform for almost all PC games available in the market. One would assume that they would keep their reputation clean regarding the games they publish. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t allow developers and publishers release bad games. The issuance of 200 low-quality shovelware games is an alarming problem which Valve has to solve.

All of the removed games came from Silicon Echo Studios, bombarding Steam with 86 game releases. All of which were released just from July to August of this year. That equates to 10 percent of all games released during that time. These games were sold by a connected company Zonitron Productions.

Valve Cleans Takes Action on Asset-Flipping

The studio has been criticized for asset-flipping. This means that they abuse the Steam Direct system. This is a foul method of finding easy profits off of cheap and pre-made titles. Youtuber SidAlpha further explains “asset-flipping” from the studio through this video:

Valve considers all these games as “Fake Games,” which profit unfairly off of their Trading Card mechanics that allow players to cash-in on virtual currency.

“They generate many thousands of these keys and hand them out to bots running Steam accounts, which then idle away in their games to collect Trading Cards. Even if no real players ever see or buy one of these fake games, their developers make money by farming cards.” Valve explains in their blog post.

Games listed as fake games in Steam

In addition to removing the 173 fake games under the studio, Valve has also implemented a confidence metric. This would give fewer incentives and no economic reason for developers to release “fake” games anymore because they will no longer profit instantly. However, Valve did not disclose what the confidence metric would consider other than pieces of data from individual titles.


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