Warriors White House Visit Withdrawn

During the past years, it has been a tradition for NBA champions to visit the White House. However, this year is going to be different from the previous seasons. In a twitter announcement by Trump, he withdraws visitation to the White House. This is mainly because of a comment made by Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry during an interview.

The famous basketball star tells media of what he thought of the invitation to the White House. Curry has already told media of his decision to pass on the request. He later explains the decision in Warriors’ media day.

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Trump’s tweet in response to Curry’s statements

The tweet reached Trump’s attention and to no surprise, had the time to react. He responds to the declination to an offer which was never officially made. Trump tweets of his decision to withdraw the invitation due to Curry’s hesitation.

Lebron Disses Trump Over Warriors Cancelled Visit

The media, especially Lebron James, reacted violently to the tweet. His response tweet calls Trump a bum and how visiting the White House was an honor until Trump’s presidency.

These were pretty bold comments coming from a known superstar. The Cavaliers forward has released a video shortly after to explain his tweet.


Lebron was not the only significant persona to react to the Warriors’ canceled visit to the White House. Ayesha Curry, the wife of Stephen Curry, also expressed her take on the issue. Mrs. Curry responds to the retracting by tweeting a link to a fundraising campaign for UNICEF’s earthquake relief operations. She also followed up the tweet by adding another link to the Hispanic

During the heat of the moment, there has been no retaliation from Stephen Curry himself. He has elected to remain silent maybe as a professional gesture. People are awaiting whether or not the 2x MVP will have an answer for Trump soon.


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