The Weekend And Selena Gomez – Post Break-up

Celebrity couples come and go in Hollywood. The Recent addition of going their separate ways is Selena Gomez and The Weekend whos’ real name is Abel Tesfaye. The two has since been dating in January. Reports indicate that the decision to part ways is amicable for both Selena and The Weekend.

Selena has been making the buzz this year from a kidney surgery to her recent break -up. People close to both stars comments that Distance was the biggest factor of their parting ways.

Selena And The Post Break -up

Selena just after the break -up from her now ex-boyfriend The weekend has been seen a lot lately with Justin Bieber. Although they hang out a lot, people close to Selena mentions that the Bieber was not a factor to the break- up with the Weekend.

With both Selena and Justin’s long personal history, them together again comes as no surprise. Both started dating way back in 2010 which continues to be an on and off relationship for both. By 2016 The Bieber and Selena seem to call it quits between the two them.

Selena And Justin
Both Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Has Been Seen Lately Together.

Reportedly Justin is religious in his attendance of church service and is now working closely with pastor Carl Lentz. The former bad boy seems to make a remarkable change from his previous image. The pastor also is in favor of Selena and Justin’s renewal of the relationship. The duo though is not publicly confirming if they are back together again yet.

The Weekend And The Post Break Up

The Weekend seems to take the single life back to partying, he has been seen out partying with friends and random girls. Although whilst Selena has Justin after the break -up. The Weekend just announces through Instagram of his new companion.

Well, the artist has taken in a cute little puppy a Doberman Pinscher that is. Apparently, the pup is yet to have a name that fans would likely have to watch out in the upcoming days for the pups name.


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