Xbox Gears Up For The Holiday Season

The Holiday season is just around the corner. Companies are now making their advertisements early for Christmas. Also, we see sales everywhere, products of all sort are getting a markdown and its still October.

Xbox is jumping on the bandwagon in getting their products out. The company just announces its release of 4 new console bundles.

What Are The New Console Bundles
Xbox One S Presents Minecraft Adventure Bundle

The new console bundles are out in the market. The four new console bundles will carry out a popular game along with all its digital content.

The first one is the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle. Uniquely the console has grass block design and couples with an iconic green creeper controller. Minecraft lovers would love this especially the bundle is 1TB!. Another icing on the cake is a download code for the full game of Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1.

The next one is something not available in U.S., And for this bundle, it is only available in the European markets so far. This is the Xbox One S Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle. It comes with three months Xbox Live Gold and one month Xbox Game Pass.

What he have next is a generic bundle wherein it carries no specific game. This package gives the player access to many titles that are available on Xbox. It comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

For the last bundle, one has to take note that you can only purchase this in Walmart. Xbox One S Ultimate Halo Bundle is a best seller as well. Inclusions are one month Xbox Game Pass and 14 day trial of Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox is slashing prices as early as now probably targeting both Halloween and the holiday season. It is getting shoppers to do their Christmas shopping soon.


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